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So you want to get in touch

Before you do here’s a few things you ought to know

Let’s talk incoming mail

  • I read every email that arrives in my inbox
  • I can’t respond to all of them
  • 1450 per week
  • 207 per day

Let’s talk outgoing mail

I try to respond to everyone

  • 637 per week
  • 91 per day

There just isn’t enough time in the day

How much time do I spend in my inbox?

  • 4 hours per day
  • 27 hours per week
  • days per month

That’s 55 full days spent in my inbox every year

Do you still want to contact me?

Okay, okay. Just make your email short.

Drop me a line!

I try my best to respond to all sorts of messages

  • my startup 36%
  • business questions 31%
  • my blog 15%
  • interview requests 10%
  • consulting inquires 08%

Don’t waste your time

There’s a few topics I just won’t respond to

  • product launch 28%
  • press releases 26%
  • advertising opportunities 20%
  • asking for money 05%
  • book launch 04%
Want to get on my good side? Be concise.

Okay, okay, just email me

How can I help you?